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I. Recruitment

Recruit :
We begin by identifying individuals who possess the technical and motivational qualifications that the client defines, and after careful screening (technical, reference checking and psychometric testing if need be) and validation,we schedule face to face interviews with the most highly qualified candidates.

After sincere and mutual interest is determined, we assist in negotiating an acceptable compensation package with the finalist.

Once the offer is formally accepted we help provide for a smooth physical relocation and incorporation in the clients’ company both by counseling the hire on proper resignation procedures and by helping facilitate the move.

II. Training

Emilestones mission is to help you and your call center achieve operational excellence and superior business results. We believe that key to continuous customer satisfaction is to improve on efficiency, effectiveness and strategic value.

We specialize and provide a full range of training solutions to call center companies. Our training and consulting services cover all aspects of call center management, including site selection and design, workforce planning, forecasting and scheduling, technology assessment and implementation, performance measurement, coaching and training, and strategic planning.

Emilestones call center consulting services provide you with results-oriented solutions for real-world challenges. Our focus is on presenting our clients with the information and resources necessary to maximize results now and provide future return on your consulting investment. It is to ensure the services we provide are successfully transferred to your management team.

We provide customized Training to all your specific challenges, we can help you accomplish your goals and achieve tangible results. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.

III. Consulting

Our Call Center Consulting Services Can Help You Achieve Peak Performance By:

  • Optimizing your forecasting, staffing and scheduling processes to ensure consistent service level results and the most effective of staff resources.
  • Tuning up quality programs to promote higher and more consistent levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Helping you identify and apply call center technologies.
  • Improving communication in your organization between high-level goals and day-to-day operations.
  • Evaluating your coaching practices to identify opportunities to improve agent performance.
  • Analyzing workflows to improve the efficiency of your call center and ultimately your entire organization.
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