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“If a recruiter was an expert in their field, they would never ask you to list the reasons why you are suited to an opportunity – they would already know.”

From the beginning, Emilestones analyses your needs to ensure that we place you in an environment where your talents can shine. It has been this methodology that has allowed us to carry out successful placement of information technology professionals. Whether you want to work at a choice of your company with selective preferences, we’ll search thoroughly to find the best job for you and ensure your career satisfaction.

With over a half-decade of combined experience in the information technology profession, we naturally understand your individual needs and requirements. We are here to market your skills and further your career path. you can call our Office Number: 91-022-40794567 for available position. Either way, we bring opportunities directly to you. One of the benefits to partnering with Emilestones is the flexibility we provide. Explore the various types of capacities you may work in!

Confidentiality Assured

Trust is key to your relationship with us. You can always speak to us in confidence, knowing we will keep all of your information private. This includes never submitting your CV for consideration without first discussing a job opportunity with you. You can also trust us to negotiate fair salaries and benefits, making sure you are properly compensated.

We make your transition smooth

At Emilestones we make the transition from one organization to another organization smooth. We will be available all the time for advises related to leaving your current assignment and getting into the new assignment. You can focus on the job you were specifically hired to do. You also have a knowledgeable resource that can provide career advice and assistance. Just ask. We will Deliver!!!!

WE are here to help you find the right placement or get the right person for the job vacancy you have – Give us a call and let us help you..

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