Who We Are

With a strong background in securing quality placements, we maintain several thousand experienced senior professionals in our database. Historically, we have had low turnover and high client/candidate satisfaction rates. That is quite impressive in an era where skilled talent is difficult to find and retain throughout the industry
With characteristic enthusiasm and speed we apply our industry experience, screening and matching appropriate candidates to client prerequisites. We go beyond the resume and accurately place the right person in the right job. Clients only receive handpicked, studied and evaluated resumes of professionals that are a best fit for their particular position.
As Search consultants we bring a rich, wide variety of industry information and experience to the table. We have deep networks and strong relationships across our areas of expertise which allows us access to information, industry insights and the wisdom of senior leaders. As a search partner we are probably as resourceful and well informed as an investigative journalist, and as well networked as the best lawyer. We bring to fore the even balance of experience coupled with energy and resourcefulness along with the right amount of wisdom.