Why Us

Leadership talent in India and often across the world, feel that their long-term career goals and aspirations are better represented via a search consultant and hesitate to engage; even often refuse to engage directly with an organization. Thus, we come into the picture,for critical mandates – where we become an objective third party to balance the interests of the candidate and the client; leading to excellent hiring decisions.
Search is an expensive and engaging process, where boards and company leadership need to commit both time and money. However, our data over the past 17 years shows that the benefits of using us as an executive search to hire leadership far outweigh the costs. It’s an objective, risk free, intense process run by our team of specialists who have the client’s interest at the very core of the engagement. We act as the clients’ brand ambassadors, corporate communication specialists, talent management experts, industry consultants all rolled into one.
When hiring something as critical as company leadership should you prefer recruitment over search? The closest parallel one can draw is when considering a critical procedure like open heart surgery, would you get your GP to perform the operation or would you go to a specialist?